Friday, December 9, 2011

December--ZLC and Temple Conference

Zone Leader Council- November 30, 2011

Elder Curtis returning home.

Elders Tuttle and Matheny/Temple Conference

Elders Whipple, Duke, Egbert, DeWitt, Gonzalez, Downs and Travis

Sisters Peterson and Bingham, Elders Bingham and Parker and Sister Parker

Elders Cronin-Leavit, Garner, Lang, Motey, Talbot, and Small

Elder Clark, Sister Clark, Sister Bithell, and Sister Taylor

Elders Franco, Hansen, Phillips, Soto, Adair and Loosle

Elder Small

Elders Siemens and Endicott, Sisters Fraire, Jenson, Esau, Bennett and Draper

Elder Olsen at the piano.  Christmas hymns were so enjoyable.

Elder Garner--"O Holy Night"--wonderful.

Sr. couples serenade.

Feliz Navidad, Prospero Ano y Felicidad!

Marshallese Elders serenade us in their native language--beautiful.
Elders Talbot, Motey, Damon, Lang.

President Taylor performs the  one and only piece he can play to fulfill a commitment
 after the Marshallese Elders agreed to sing. He didn't say it would be pretty!

Spanish Elders and Sister Fraire singing--"Feliz Navidad"

Sister Draper with TWO carmel apples?

Hermana Pace, Sister Christensen, Hermana Brown

Elders Francis, Anjain, Chronister & Hansen

Elders Ferguson & Sarkady.

Half the mission picture!

Lovely Relief Society sisters who fed us ham, au gratin potatoes, beans and delicious dessert. Thank you!

Delicious carmel apples sent from Sister Frampton.  There was
 one for every missionary--amazing!  Thank you so much!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

September and November ZLC

September Zone Leader Council
Top: Elders Kimber, Olsen, Atkinson, President Taylor, Linford, Riggs and Wilson
Bottom: Elders Timoteo, Soto, Frampton, Hansen, Forsyth and Cook

November Zone Leader Council
Top: Elders Cook, President Taylor, Phillips, Ali'ifua, Atkinson, Olsen and Duke
Bottom: Elders Soto, Adair, Frampton, Hansen, Linford and Kimber

Elders Atkinson, Phillips and Ali'ifua

Elders Ali'ifua, Adair, Frampton and Hansen

Story Time

More story time...

More story time...

Elders Soto and Adair

Elders Hansen and Linford

Elders Cook, Kimber, Ali'ifua and Adair

October 2011 Departures

Elder Mairs

Elder Boswell

Elder Origer

Elder Wilson

Elder Forsyth

Elder Williams

Departing Missionaries