Monday, November 1, 2010

New Missionaries

Pictures of us and all the new missionaries over the last 3 transfers.

First transfer: July 21, 2010.  Elders Gonzalez, Anjain, Lambert,
Sister & President Taylor, Elders Frampton and Wooley.
Second transfer: September 1, 2010.  Sister Taylor, Sister Jenson, Sister Grant, Elders Hansen,
Olsen, Kimber, Chronister, Nordstrom, Grover, and President Taylor.

Third transfer: October 12, 2010 Front: President & Sister Taylor;
Second row: Elders Lang, Motey, Christensen, Sister Bennet, Elders Meason, Adair.
Third Row: Elders  Garner, Phillips, Olinger, Keil, and Allen.

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