Thursday, August 11, 2011

Leadership Training Meeting-July 2011

July 19-22, 2011 our mission held a Leadership Training Meeting for all the leaders of the mission. This four day meeting focused on the "Fundamentals of Preach My Gospel", several bonus sessions on varying topics, and lots of fun activities

Elder Fransen & Elder Karl

Elder Phillips, Elder Madsen, Elder Soto

Monday night we all joined together to cut out the mission's new plan of salvation visual aids. We cut out over 3,000 pieces in an hour, all while watching the new Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration video

Let the sorting begin!

After cutting and sorting it was time to assemble the kits for missionaries to use

LTM Luncheon

Tuesday afternoon it was time for Preach My Gospel Jeopardy!

The set-up

Elder Phillips (starting at left, clockwise), Elder Soto, Elder Hansen, Sister Turner, Elder Cook, Elder Ali'ifua, Elder Karl

From left: Elder Peper, Sister Davey, Elder Ortiz, Elder Cronin-Leavitt, Sister Porter, Sister Hodgson

Elder Duke, Elder Francis, Sister Buckley, Sister Weaver, Sister Brown, Elder Olsen, Elder Madsen, Elder Palmer

From Left: Elder Chronister, Elder Downs, Elder Naisbitt, Elder Nordstrom, Elder Gonzalez, Elder Fransen, Elder Damon, Elder Mairs

Elder Frampton, Sister Bennett, Elder Linford, Elder Mudaliar, Elder Allen, Elder Adair, Elder Jacobson

Sister Grant, Elder Forsyth, Elder Kimber, Elder Timoteo, Sister Pace, Elder Riggs, Elder Wilson, Elder Atkinson

Let the games begin!

The winners!

Winning Team: (Front Row) Sister Grant, Elder Timoteo, Elder Riggs, Sister Pace, (Back Row) Elder Forsyth, Elder Kimber, Elder Atkinson, Elder Wilson

Sisters with Elder & Sister Clark

Getting ready to sing "We'll bring the world his truth" in appreciation for our great lunch

LTM Participants

Sisters Weaver, Buckley, Grant, and Brown

Elders Karl, Frampton, Hansen, Atkinson, Timoteo, Nordstrom, Phillips, Ali'ifua

Sister Davey, Elder Adair, Elder Ali'ifua

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