Thursday, August 11, 2011

Transfer Day-Aug 3, 2011

Transfer Day was held August 3rd in Moore, OK. There are several phases to transfers. First, we have new missionaries and their trainers arrive and provide some training. Then we have the trainers remove their nametags and come into the room with the new missionaries, who have studied the trainers names and faces. The new missionaries do pretty well at identifying each missionary!

Trainers on the left, new missionaries on the right getting quizzed about trainers names

Time to meet their trainers:
Sister Christensen & Sister Bennett

Elder Allen & Wells

Elders Olsen & Kimber meet Elder Doyle

Elder Fuller & Elder Ali'ifua

Elder Damon & Elder Clements

Elder Franco & Christensen

Elder Fransen & Elder Hardt

Elder Ortiz & Elder Loosle

Elder Karl & Elder Clontz

Elder Cronin-Leavitt & Elder Christensen

Elder Peper & Elder Callahan, Elder Jacobson & Elder Adair

Trainers & new missionaries gather together for some additional training

Time for transfer meeting--all the missionaries come into Moore to meet their new companions and travel back to their areas.

After transfer meeting all the departing missionaries load up and head to the temple for one last session together, then its off to the mission home for exit interviews and some final meetings.
Elder Burnett, Elder Scheitwiler, Elder Harman, Elder Glazier, Sister and President Taylor, Elder Chun, Elder Park, Elder Hutchins, Elder Palmer

Elder Park, Elder Frampton, Elder Glazier, Elder Palmer, Elder Ellsworth, and Elder Harman eating the farewell dinner

Elder Parke, Elder Timoteo, Elder Frampton

Journal signing

Elder Burnett

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